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Organizational Resilience Management Software Professional

The ORMS Professional provides a range of tools, guidance and techniques that enable an organization to implement organizational resilience concepts. The ORMS Professional is a relational database system that is designed to assist Users to implement and achieve conformance with  the OR Standard [ASIS SPC.1-2009]. The ORMS professional contains the full text from the OR Standard and delivers the requirements in an inter-active format that simplifies conformance and encourages implementation.
ORMS software series contains five scalable versions. The ORMS Professional is the flagship version in the series and is designed to support the achievement of conformance with the OR Standard. This product delivers the full OR Standard content together with a range of tools and professional guidance to assist the User identify gaps in the required level of conformance and to support the development of suitable processes and procedures to remove those gaps in a structured and controlled manner.
risk treatment projects

The ORMS Professional also supports the development of an effective organizational resilience management system delivering an extremely wide range of functionality with mapping of all operational components, risk analysis and business impact analysis, resilience planning, and response and continuity planning, deployment of responsible persons and alternate asset and resource planning. Further functionality covers incident management, ORMS budgeting and team building.

The ORMS Professional is available on a free trial basis for a maximum of 20 days for evaluation purposes.  To take advantage of this 20 day free trial offer, simply click on this free trial link and press the "Buy now" button.  You will then be required to register your details with the ecommerce provider Share-it! and provide valid credit card details. Share-it! will notify the vendor and provide a link to the Free Trial download. At the end of the 20 day free trial period the ecommerce provider Share-it! will process a transaction for the purchase of a one year license for a Master User License unless you have cancelled the transaction prior to that date. Share-it! will notify the vendor about the completed transaction and provide a link to the purchaser for the full version software download. You can cancel the transaction at any time during the free trial period and the purchase transaction will not be processed. Once the free trial period has been cancelled the programs will not continue to function and should be uninstalled.

The ORMS Professional contains all the functions included in the ORMS Intermediate but at a more detailed level plus a range of additional features and functions.

Contents of this ORMS Professional page

Detailed product information is provided in this section on the ORMS Professional. For comparative information about the five products in the ORMS software range go to the Comparative data page. The topic areas covered are as follows:

Click on each item to go directly to that topic area.

Overview of product features

ORMS software series contains five scalable versions. The ORMS Professional is the top product in the range of ORMS support systems and is designed to support the management of multiple clients’ data files in the achievement of conformance with the OR Standard and development of an effective ORMS. This product also delivers the full OR Standard content together with a range of tools and guidance to assist the User identify gaps in the required level of conformance and to support the development of suitable processes and procedures to remove those gaps in a structured and controlled manner. Functionality in the ORMS Professional includes:

  • Full content from the OR Standard

  • Contextual delivery of each OR Standard requirement

  • Self assessment conformance questionnaire

  • Maturity modelling for implementation benchmarking

  • Password based log on security

  • Variable permission structure

  • Ability to customize the system

  • Comprehensive reporting structure

  • Links to external documents

  • On-line help file and User Manual

  • Contextual screen based help system

  • OR management support including scope and policy setting

  • Mapping of all key operational components

  • Establishment of business impact analysis criteria

  • Setting of impact category criteria and severity

  • Calculation of recovery time objectives & criticality

  • Risk identification, risk analysis and assessment

  • Setting dependency ratings

  • Potential incident identification & planning

  • Process continuity planning

  • Unique “Plan builder” to simplify task creation

  • Fully functioning example data

  • Contact details for key employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders

  • Assignment of persons to specific ORMS responsibilities

  • Wizards covering most data entry functions

  • Organization structure and business unit establishment

  • Assigning of persons to incident response and process continuity tasks

  • Operational workarounds

  • Resilience based proactive & reactive strategies

  • Testing for incident response and process continuity activities

  • Notification and communication planning

  • Alternate planning for assets or resources

  • ORMS budgeting support

  • Set up of ORMS resource and emergency teams

  • ORMS meeting and interview support

  • Allocation of skill competency levels to employee data and tasks

  • Set up of risk treatment upgrade projects

  • Cost / benefit analysis for enhanced risk treatment projects

  • Resilience based ORMS documentation controls

  • Set up of insurance mitigation

  • Reporting on competency shortfalls for tasks and plans

  • Operational command centre support for managing incidents

  • Recording of actual incidents

  • Damage and impact assessment

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Intended audience for the ORMS Professional

The software is suitable for organizations of all sizes and from all industrial and manufacturing categories, all commercial sectors, and all state and federal agencies and government departments.  The software will be of interest to organizations that wish to implement industry best practise for preparation and protection against potentially disruptive incidents, improve the organization’s level of resilience, measure and achieve conformance against the organizational resilience standard, and would like to generally strengthen corporate governance activities. It is suitable for larger organizations with some experience of the crisis management; incident management; continuity management processes; or for smaller organizations who wish to achieve best of breed recognition.

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ORMS Professional Screenshots

crisis management risk treatment risk strategy emergency teams crisis management

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ORMS Professional FAQs

Q: Can I customize the log-on screen

A: Yes, the User area of the log-on screen is customizable including organization name, locations included in the scope, name of person responsible for the ORMS program and name of person responsible for administrating the ORMS software.

Q: Is the date format amendable?

A: Yes, date format templates:  DD/MMM/YYYY or MMM/DD/YYYY are included in the system

Q: Is there a comprehensive audit log of data changes?

A: Yes, all data changes are logged and this is available in, and filtered by, each all versions of the ORMS software

Q: Can anybody set up a new user who can access the system and data?

A: No, only Users with System Administrator permissions can set up or delete Users

Q: How do I obtain software updates and ensure I am using the latest version?

A: You can check anytime from the registration details button on the log on screen to see if there are updates available for the ORMS Professional.  Updates are free and Users are encouraged to always use the latest version.

Q: Do you provide technical system support?

A: Yes, email based support is available from

Q: Can I attach external documents to the ORMS Professional so that I can reach the information easily?

A: Yes, it is extremely easy to attach external documents to the ORMS Professional through our unique DocLinks facility.

Q: Can I associate products and services, business processes or assets and resources to particular divisions or departments?

A: The ORMS professional version associates all key components of the operational process with business units that are assigned by the User.  Business Unit filtering and reporting is to be released by the end of December 2010.

Q: Do any of the  ORMS products contain example data and plans?

A: Yes, the ORMS Entry Level, Intermediate and Professional software contain a comprehensive sample data. In those systems the User can easily toggle between the sample data and the User's own data.

Q: Can I change the currency associated with the costs in any of the systems?

A: Yes, the ORMS Professional has a full list of international currencies, any one of which can be selected for the ORMS plan.

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